At West Caldwell’s P.F. Market Restaurant, Quality Seafood and Gourmandise


Since his school days, Michael Karamanis learned to love what usually filled his family’s table, which was seafood, his father, Stelios, being in the wholesale business that provided it to markets and restaurants for 35 years, from his outlet called Pacific Fish Market (317 Cox Street in Roselle, NJ). Later on Michael got involved in the business, working every phase of it to the point that one day six years ago, he crowned this experience with a greater feat yet: He opened a restaurant where he would make use of his father’s seafood, an idea as brilliant as one could ever think, using the merchandise from wholesale to retail and as a service in one step. Yet Michael didn’t have to give his place a fancy name. Pacific Fish, or P.F., existed already from his father’s business, so he simply called the establishment P.F. Market Restaurant.

Little did Michael know of the complexity of this business he was venturing into. Especially taking into consideration that whatever Michael has available on the menu for his guests is also available for purchase to take home and prepare for cooking. All he knew was that he was embracing the enterprise with all his heart, not only as an extension of his father’s wholesale business, but as an exciting venture that opened new vistas for him and his bride, Philio, as they embarked on creating a family.

To be certain he as well accepted the long hours that went with the new venture, much longer than those he put in as a partner in his dad’s business. Here, what was involved was much more than rising as early as 3 a.m. to go to the fish market and chose the best of the catch. Here he needed to interact with the kitchen and dining room staff, and with his customers, from noon to dusk. It meant that he had to stick around much longer after the last customer exited the door in order to assess the day’s performance, discuss with his staff what transpired during those long hours, and to think ahead for the next day’s activities.

How Michael decided to open a restaurant is an easy question to answer, but the story of finding the location is a bit more complicated. For some time, the younger Karamanis had his eye set on a certain location on Bloomfield Avenue in West Caldwell, near where he lives, and he watched two Italian dining establishments open there and then close. Undaunted by these businesspeople’s failures, the young entrepreneur proceeded to obtain that space and transform it into what it is today.

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■ By George Matsoukas | Executive Director Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL)

Greek Orthodox Laity 29th Annual Meeting


Front Row Archbi­shop Nathaniel of Detroit, Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver, Archbishop Benjamin of San Francisco and West, Helen Theodoropoulos, George Pontikes, President, George Matsoukas Ex Dir. Back Row Peter Petkas, Andrew Kartalis, Elizabeth Prodromou, Peter Zarras, George Karcazes, William Souvall, Roy Snyder, Michael Pecurar.

Orthodox Christian Laity Completes 29th Annual Meeting- Prepares to Celebrate 30 years of service to the Orthodox Christian Church 2017. OCL welcomes Metropolitan Isaiah on its Advisory Board.

For 30 years OCL has been promoting unity; transparency; accountability and laity involvement in Church life at all levels to make these priorities a reality in the administrative life of the Church. OCL completed its Annual Meeting in Cottonwood, Utah and began thinking about its plans for next years. The board members came away with a renewed and intensified commitment to keeping the hierarchy, clergy and laity informed about the progress of the Assembly of Bishops is making to developing a canonical blue print for administrative unity. For 7 years the Assembly has been working to complete this task. Many Church members know that the fragmentation caused by 14 parallel jurisdictions working in parallel ways is unacceptable, counterproductive, a waste of the time, talent and resources of the clergy and laity. That is why the 14 autocephalous Church hierarchs including the four Patriarchs of the original Pentarchy have directed the Assembly to develop a canonical plan for unity. The Holy and Great Council which met in Crete June, 2016 set the example that much can be accomplished when bishops continue to meet in harmony with the Hoy Spirit and in a conciliar manner. OCL is committed to do whatever it can to assist the Assembly of Bishops to fulfill its responsibilities to develop the a canonical blueprint for unity. OCL is willing and able to help the Assembly develop the will, leadership and negotiation skills needed to complete the process so that unity can be achieved. We will keep you informed through our web site OCL will attempt to work with the geographic areas -pockets of unity -that the Assembly of Bishops have agreed upon to develop in Texas and other areas. Metropolitan Nicholai, Romanian Archdiocese in Americas, Chicago and others including Metropolitan Isaiah are developing the unity pilot. Information at this point is incomplete.

OCL is also committed to helping the 14 Patriarchs including autocephalous Archbishops in the traditional Orthodox Lands better understand that a unified Pan Orthodox Christian Church in the USA is a value added to their positions in the world. We need to understand their point of view if they see this as lessening their position in the world. Unity here is in their self-interest because it reinforces their work in the world. Unity here means increase growth in ecclesial and pastoral life and increased influence at the geo-political level. This is a win/ win situation for Orthodoxy worldwide . This would be a 21st Century landmark legacy for Orthodoxy in the USA and globally.

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Προς ανασύσταση του αμαρτωλού ΣΑΕ;

Επί των δηλώσεων του νέου υφυπουργού Εξωτερικών



ΑΘΗΝΑ. Ο νέος υφυπουργός Εξω­τερικών για τον Απόδηµο Ελληνισµό, κ. Τέρενς Κουίκ, σε συνάντηση γνωριµίας µε τους συντάκτες του ΥΠΕΞ έδωσε ιδιαίτερη βαρύτητα στην ανάγκη ανα­σύστασης του Συµβουλίου Αποδήµου Ελληνισµού (ΣΑΕ).

Θέµα που εδώ και 6 χρόνια απασχολεί όλους τους υφυπουργούς και, εντούτοις, παραµένει εισέτι άλυτο. Ίσως γιατί ΔΕΝ απασχολεί πλέον την Οµογένεια! Η Οµογένεια οργανώνεται, σε τοπική σήµερα, σε παγκόσµια στο εγγύς µέλλον, βάση. Με δική της πρωτοβουλία. Με δικά της χρήµατα. Με δικές της ιδέες. Με δικά της Θέλω. Αυτό ανεξάρτητα από του τι τελικά θα συµβεί µε το ΣΑΕ.

Ο κ. Κουίκ (5ος κατά σειρά, υφυπουργός, από το 2010, για τον Απόδηµο Ελληνισµό, αν δεν χάσαµε το µέτρηµα) µίλησε για «νοµική ρύθµιση», «αυτορρύθµιση» και «αυτοχρηµατοδότηση» σε ό,τι αφορά το ΣΑΕ. Εδώ πάει γάντι η παροιµία «τι το λεν και δεν το κάνουν;» Ποιος τους εµποδίζει; Ποιοι δεν συµφωνούν µεταξύ τους; Τα ελληνικά κόµµατα! Μήγαρις ρώτησαν αρχικά την Οµογένεια εάν ήθελε ΣΑΕ; Μήπως τη ρωτούν και τώρα;

Ο κ. Υφυπουργός, εξέφρασε την άπο­ψη πως το ελληνικό λόµπι έχει ατο­νήσει σε σχέση µε τις δεκαετίες του ’80 και του ’90. Αλλά αυτό είναι εν µέρει φυσικό! Ούτε από χούντα µόλις βγήκε η χώρα, ούτε νωπή εισβολή στην Κύπρο έχουµε, ούτε καµία άλλη άµεση εθνική απειλή αντιµετωπίζουµε (ορατά τουλάχιστον) ώστε να ξεσηκωθεί ο εκτός συνόρων Ελληνισµός! Θα πείτε, έχουµε Οικονοµική κρίση! Μάλιστα.

Ευθύνεται η Οµογένεια γι αυτήν; Φυσικά Όχι. Θα πει κάποιος: Και δεν πρέπει να συνδράµει; Ναι. Πώς, όµως; Συγκροτήθηκε µήπως κάποιο Εθνικό Σχέδιο και το αγνοούµε;

Το µόνο που κάνει η Κυβέρνηση, κάθε φορά που απευθύνεται σε οµογενείς, είναι να τους προσκαλεί να έρθουν να επενδύσουν στην Ελλάδα! Και ξεχνάει ότι στην παρούσα κρίση οι µικρο-οµολογιούχοι οµογενείς ΕΧΑΣΑΝ πάλι τις αποταµιεύσεις τους µε το περίφηµο PSI!

Ο κ. Τέρενς Κουίκ επεσήµανε, ακόµη, πως θα πρέπει µε τους οµογενείς να µιλάµε σε επίπεδο Ελλάδας και όχι κοµµάτων. Στην κατεύθυνση αυτή ση­µείωσε πως δεν πρέπει οι οµογενείς να έχουν τα κόµµατα στη σκέψη τους, γιατί εδώ το κόµµα είναι ένα και λέγεται Ελλάδα.

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