Quad Cities U.S.A Family Restaurant

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Quad Cities U.S.A Family Restaurant is serving breakfast, lunch and dinner every day from 6 am to 9 pm. The address is 4910 22nd Ave Moline, IL and the owners are Jim Pliakos and Sakis Padazopoulos. These two friends, almost 25 years ago, decided to own and operate their own business. For the first five years they were just renting the place; a bit afterwards, and after some negotiations, they were successful in purchasing the property. It turns out that they made a very wise decision. Incidentally, the place used to be known originally as Perkins and later as Moline Gardens before its current business name. Their business is doing well; the place is well known and highly respected. Jim was born in Argos, Argolida and came to this country in 1980 after having spent 4 years in Canada. Sakis was born in Zaharo, Ilias, and arrived to this country also in 1980. We had the chance to visit with Jim and Sakis and we observed that these two people are connected with a deep friendship, respect for each other and they both exhibit easy going and warm personalities. Their place employs about 40-45 people and one can easily see that both owners enjoy the challenge of managing the restaurant; moreover, one can see that they both have earned the love and respect of customers and employees. In the picture, we see from left to right Jim and Saki inside their business.


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