Douglas Avenue Diner

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Douglas Avenue Diner is located at 5121 Douglas Ave, Racine, WI; it’s a restaurant with 50s-style decor and open for breakfast and lunch. The previous owners were Tom and Fran Tohovitis and the new owners are Michael V Scamarcia and wife Toni. Tom, born in Katerini, Greece arrived in the area in 1967; his wife Fran was born in Chicago. On the other hand, Michael was born in Bari, Italy and his wife Toni was born in Naples, Italy. It is interesting to note that Tom who spent some time in Australia doing construction, upon his arrival to this country he became a very successful restaurateur. In addition to Douglas Avenue Diner that he opened with his wife Fran about 10 years ago, he owned and operated with great success other restaurants such as Olympic and Acropolis. Michael is also a successful entrepreneur and was involved in Illinois with Giordano’s in Mount Prospect and in Elk Grove Village; moreover, he had Mama Capri’s Deli, Hot Dog business in Glenview, IL and Super Saving Food & Liquor. That means that Michael is well qualified to take the greatly successful Douglas Avenue Diner to the next level. Both, sellers and buyers, were represented by Realpoul Realty; the picture that you see is from the closing; buyers Michael and Toni are sitting and sellers Fran and Tom are standing behind them. We are closing with a very interesting observation: Both couples from the beginning exhibited a behavior characterized by honesty and integrity and mutual trust; I can even say that buyers and sellers have become friends.


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