At the Voting Booth

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When we pull the curtain behind us on November 8th to cast our ballot, the words and deeds of the candidates from the two major parties will come to mind.

We will recall Hillary’s lies, the 30,000 e-mails she deleted as “personal” from her private server, the risk of having government secrets being stolen off that server by hackers, the gross negligence of which the FBI accused her regarding her handling of confidential emails, the Benghazi incident, the donations given to the Clinton Foundation by foreign governments and overseas donors when she was Secretary of State.

At the same time, we will recall Donald Trump’s nonsense, hate speech, and lies: his refusal to make his tax returns public, the Trump University scandal, the blood that was coming out of Megan Kelly’s eyes and… “her wherever,” his mocking of a reporter with a disability, his insults against all 16 of his fellow candidates for the presidency, his questioning of the heroism of a great American hero like John McCain, his doubts about the nationality of President Obama and Senator Cruz, his pledge to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, his plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border, the attacks made by the billionaire Republican candidate against everyone who disagrees or is critical of him, and the fact that the most prominent Republican figures, economists, national security advisors, former cabinet members, and executives of major companies have labeled him “unfit” and “dangerous” for the presidency. We will also remember that he considers America’s corrupt enemy, Vladimir Putin, as a “better leader” than the president of his own country, whom Mr. Trump called the “founder” of ISIS! We will also not forget his proposed banning of all Muslims from entering the U.S.

When we go to the ballot box, we will remember his insults and threats, and his verbal abuse towards journalists and the media, as well as his praise for Turkish President Erdogan for crushing the revolution, in which he made no mention of the shutting down of newspapers, the arrest of tens of thousands of citizens, journalists, teachers, politicians, members of the armed forces, and judges.
Inside the voting booth, we might also remember many other things that have been left out of this list, as we turn one of the four levers marked DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN, LIBERTARIAN, or GREEN. And may God help us.



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