Greatest Good and Supreme Duty!

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We will reiterate something that has been pointed out by many people, but whose importance is sadly realized only by the few. Voting is the greatest good and supreme duty in a democracy, because even the humblest of citizens has the duty to express his choice about whom he prefers to govern. Every vote counts. We advise that you not waste yours by abstaining from the ballot box. Try to forget your party affiliation and vote for whomever you prefer, or the candidate that is the least unfit.

Like many voters, we may end up voting for a candidate from one of the two main parties, not because we support that person, but in order to keep their opponent from winning. Otherwise, we will vote for one of the candidates from the other two small parties. However, we reiterate that we are not advising our voters on which candidate to choose. They can decide for themselves. But let us all be prepared to recognize the victor – whoever that may be. He or she will be the president for every American.



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