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The fact is that many American voters like Donald Trump’s pledges about closing the border with Mexico and deporting illegal immigrants.
However, even the crudest analysis will end with the conclusion that these statements are demagoguery and do not coincide with the democratic values and traditions of this nation of immigrants.
The idea of building a wall along the U.S.Mexican border is utopian, and Mr. Trump’s insistence that it will be built – in fact, 10 feet higher with Mexico picking up the cost – is what makes it less serious. Afterwards, he had another brilliant idea: funding construction by seizing the checks that illegal workers in the U.S. send to their families. It is very disappointing that the construction of a wall was included on the official platform of the Republican party.
The Republican presidential candidate is pledging the deportation of 11 million illegal workers – a number equal to the entire population of Greece, or the combined population of the Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. A plan calling for the forced mass uprooting of millions of people hasn’t been heard since after the civil war in Cambodia the camps for the JapaneseAmericans in California and since World War II, when Hitler ordered the mass relocation of the Slavic people living in the occuppied territories of Eastern Europe.
How could such a colossal, extremely costly, and unacceptably inspired operation take place in the democratic land of America? Will there be concentration camps set up? Which means of transportation and will be used to transport 11 million men, women, and children? Who is going to fill the vacant posts primarily at restaurants and what is going to happen with the mortgages and other loans given to the deportees? What is going to happen to students who took out loans and now had their studies interrupted? And what sort of a Congress would allow such an unprecedented display of barbarism?
This is one of Mr. Trump’s flippant ideas, like the ones about banning the entrance of Muslims into the U.S. and reducing U.S. national debt by… negotiating with lenders!


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