This Is What a Dining Institution Looks Like

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This Is What a Dining Institution Looks Like

PONZIO’S DINER-BAKERY-BAR, at 7 West Route 70 in Cherry Hill, NJ (856-428-4808), is a handsome dining institution with an extensive stone façade that covers from end to end its oblong shaped structure. In Cherry Hill, Ponzio’s, which has been held by different hands at different times—mostly Greek ownerships—is regarded as something of a legend for its past and for its servings, as well, which are considered above average.

To the right, the entrance leads you to part of the booth dining room, the baking goods displays, ultimately ending at the bar and lounge area. Proceeding deeper in, you find yourself in the Haddon room, the dining room proper. The left door is used mostly as the exit and that’s reinforced by the notion that this is where the cash register is positioned. This is where the main counter is to be found as well as the main booth area.

Ponzio’s interior is tastefully decorated and done in colorful schemes, the lighting being a competent match to the entire ensemble. A signpost attached to the outside of the building alternately flashes various dishes featured in the menu in LED.

Ponzio’s belongs to the Fifis family and is open from early in the morning until 11 pm on weekdays, 1 am on weekends.


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