The Prime Ministerial Visit

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DURING his official visit to the United States, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stressed that relations between Greece and the U.S. “have never been better.” He sang the praises of the Greek-American community, but did not meet with its spiritual leader. He also assured the U.S. that it should “trust” his government.

The Prime Minister was accompanied on his trip by over a quarter of his cabinet, the majority of whom are former Communists. Among them was Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, a former member of the Greek Communist Party’s Central Committee in charge of propaganda and author of books promoting the Communist regimes of Jaruzelski and Honecker. Mr. Kotzias sued the Athens Review of Books and the journal was found guilty because a reader had called him a Communist “gauleiter” in a letter to the editor.


This was the largest delegation of ministers from Greece to ever visit the U.S. Ironically, these politicians come from the far left, which celebrated the tragic death of some 3,000 Americans (including 49 Greek-Americans) on September 11, 2001; not to mention the majority of Greeks, who quipped “good for them” upon hearing the news.

Something tragic must be taking place in the aftermath of this visit for all those who hate this “imperialistic” land, which stood alongside Greece since 1821, as President Trump reminded Mr. Tsipras in the White House’s Rose Garden.

Those who came here in search of investments from the “murderers of the peoples” and who admire bloodthirsty killers like Castro and Chavez had brazenly sought out investments elsewhere, proclaiming a new “strategy” towards Moscow. They hoped that the Russian oil pipeline would boost the economy and free the nation from the European “shylocks” who saved Greece from bankruptcy.

Now Mr. Tsipras is proposing that the U.S. “upgrade” its base in Souda Bay. (Remember the demonstrations against the “bases of death?”) Meanwhile, according to CNBC, the U.S. is considering building a second base in southern Crete.

Regarding investments, it appears as if they started in reverse…with a $2.4 billion expenditure by Greece for F-16s, which will provide jobs for U.S. workers, as President Trump remarked with satisfaction during the press conference at the White House. All these irrational and unbelievable spectacles that we saw and heard are being noted here so that no one takes “the dishwashers” for fools.

Besides all the above, we hope that Greece-U.S. relations do grow stronger and remain rooted in a stable foundation. We hope that many large investments are made in our native homeland so that the suffering people can gain some respite. However, more than anything else, we hope that everyone in Greece resolves that the nation must remain on the side of its allies in Europe and America. Greece will not get ahead with socialism, which has failed miserably, but rather, with a free-market economy. And demagoguery, populism, and anarchy must come to an end.




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