Symposia at the Gardens 

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To be certain, one of the best inventions in Greece of antiquity, the Symposia (from “syn” and “pinein,” literally “to drink together”) involved extensive drinking and eating with entertainment and intellectual discussion. You can certainly revive this tradition at the Gardens of Salonica (19 5th St NE, Minneapolis, MN.; 6123780611) every third Wednesday of the month. Seating, however, is limited, so RSVP only to

Gardens of Salonica is a family-run Greek café that offers an excellent wine list and an easygoing vibe. Anna and Lazaros opened the restaurant in 1991 with the promise to provide the best of traditional and modern Greek cuisine using the finest ingredients: local, all-natural and organic whenever such products are available. The Gardens is a neighborhood oasis, and its credo is “the best advertisement is through word of mouth.”


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