Pylos Continues to Sparkle

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PYLOS, in downtown New York (128 East 7th Street; 212-473-0220), has been open for many years, to the delight of its clientele. It serves elevated Greek cuisine, or if you prefer, rustic Greek home cooking, in a small space with terra-cotta pots hanging from the ceiling. Pylos is open for dinner only, from 5 pm to midnight. To quote the Michelin Guide, “Restaurateur Christos Valtzoglou has found the winning formula with this longstanding hideaway in the vibrant East Village. Pylos continues to sparkle as brightly as the Aegean Sea on a summer day. And, taking its name from the Greek translation of “made from clay,” this contemporary taverna also features a ceiling canopy of suspended terra-cotta pots, dressing up a room with rustic whitewashed walls and lapis-blue insets. Pale-green stemware and stark white crockery are used to serve Greek wines and a menu of rustic home-style cooking. Gigantes are baked in honey-scented tomato-dill sauce; grilled marinated octopus is drizzled with balsamic reduction; and aginares moussaka is a creamy vegetarian take on the classic made with artichokes”.


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