Need for Promotion of Greek Companies

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Greek Exports

The articles and interviews appearing in this edition testify to the growing interest of private initiative.  Official statistics of the past decade appearing on other pages provide an optimistic outlook regarding Greek exports to the United States.

Greece has a positive trade balance with the U.S. It ranks sixth among the top ten nations in exports. In 2017, total exports (including processed petroleum products) to the U.S. constituted approximately 30 percent of the total sent to Italy and 45 percent to France.

It is also noteworthy that 30 percent of all exports are foods and wines. There is an increase of 51.74% of food and wine imports since 2012.

First comes olive oil. Wines and ouzo are consumed by more than 85 percent in the Greek restaurants. Next come dairy products (feta, yogurt, and other cheeses).

But, promotional advertising is inadequate. Greek companies are facing hard times. With the exception of very few, some U.S. importers spend peanuts, while many won’t even spend a dime. A handful of European promotional programs are very useful, but not enough. And so, many Greek products lack the absolutely essential support needed to become known and gain brand recognition, starting in the growing Greek-American market.  


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