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Presidential Elections – Some thoughts: Now that the election is over, as an American, I congratulate the new President and wish him great success; if he becomes successful, we all benefit.
Yet, during the long presidential campaign for our president, among the many good happenings, we also witnessed the appearance of Abrasiveness and Bullying and the death of Civility; in summary we experienced ABC!

Abrasiveness; it means “tending to annoy or cause ill will; overly aggressive”. One can name many instances where abrasiveness was evident. Question: was it necessary?

Bullying; some characteristics of this behavior are Teasing, Name-calling, Inappropriate sexual Comments, Threatening to cause harm, Hurting someone’s reputation, Spreading rumors about someone, Embarrassing someone in public: Question: was it necessary?

Civility; its synonyms are courtesy, politeness, good manners, graciousness, considerate, respectful: Question: what happened to these values? Where did they go?

So we had two main candidates for the US Presidency; one won the electorate vote, the most important, and the other the plurality vote. It seems that Congress needs to do something about it for future elections; we cannot preach democracy around the world and the importance of voting when in our country the person who receives most votes is not the winner. We need to correct this apparent injustice and Congress has to start thinking about it. After all, what used to be a rare phenomenon has happened twice in the last 16 years. One final thought: what we all experienced in the campaign period and what we observed, cannot be good for our citizens and especially for our young people.

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