IT GIVES us great joy to announce the upcoming publication of the Greek-American Food Industry Guide. This is an initiative undertaken by Estiator, which coincides with the 25th anniversary of the magazine’s founding. It was no easy task. We began this project in the hope that the Guide would reflect the progress and achievements of an epic effort made by self-made Greek-Americans who placed their own personal stamp on the food industry through hard work and distinguished themselves during difficult times, proving themselves to be leading forces in the U.S. economy.

We initially planned on only including the restaurants serving Greek cuisine in every U.S. city as well as the businesses that are directly affiliated with them. Afterwards, as we continued working on this publication, we decided that it would be better for the readers of Estiator’s guide if they could find not only Greek-style restaurants, but all restaurants under Greek ownership, including diners, luncheonettes, coffee shops, and fast food chains.

Our Guide will include a wide range of information regarding not only restaurants, but other businesses that will be of interest to large and small-scale professional restaurateurs alike. It will

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help them chose distributers who will offer them the best prices, and not only for food and beverages, but for all other services they might need, like construction, architecture, furnishings, etc. At the same time, this Guide will give Greek-American businessmen who supply restaurants with all kinds of products and services, the chance to work directly and exclusively with professionals with whom they share a common heritage, language, and experiences in the New World.

Restaurants and businesses will be listed free of charge. We believe that Estiator’s guide will decidedly help promote the interaction and fostering of ties, based on the principle of mutual aid and mutual support. As Greek-American businessmen grow more successful, they gain a greater understanding of the kind of results that could be generated if the supply of products and services were to take place from within our community. Of course, ethnicity does not serve as a criterion when it comes to business. Decisions are based on cost. But when someone can find a Greek-American company that offers the same prices, the criterion of cost takes a back seat to everything else that connects the vendor and the buyers. Estiator believes that we should all try to make our purchases from our fellow compatriots. Our community could have achieved a lot more by now if this principle was followed.

Thanks to Estiator’s initiative, we believe that all companies will benefit by placing an ad in our Guide, and will see their sales increase. We also believe that our guide will be especially useful for producers and exporters in Greece and Cyprus—particularly now when their economies are going through a crisis.