Holy Fathers, are you fooling us?

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AN announcement issued by the Holy Synod affirms the fact that the time has come for our Church in America to separate itself from the Ecumenical Patriarchate and declare its autocephaly. Based on its references to the meetings of November 27th and 28th, the Phanar considers us to be its subjects and takes us for little children.

“During these meetings, all the issues on the daily agenda were reviewed and appropriate decisions were taken on all items.”

But what were the topics on the agenda? What happened with the “triprosopon” list of three candidates to fill the vacant Metropolis of Chicago? What were the “issues” and the decisions? The faithful have every right to know both the issues and the decisions, and not just because they support the Metropolises, Archdiocese, and Patriarchate with their contributions. The Holy Synod has not been authorized by the plentitude of the Church to do as it pleases and whenever it wishes, or to keep secrets and continue an outdated tradition. The years of the Byzantine Dark Ages and barbarism have passed, which mandated that women stand high up in the balcony, separated far away from everyone else, as if they were impure beings because of their menstrual cycle. They still remain excluded from the priesthood, as if they are cursed. However, it is high time that the synodical hierarchs realize that the age of intolerance towards the Vatican and the Jews, or blind subservience to the Sultan, is long gone.

We live in another era now. The faithful are conscious of their rights and demand an accounting and transparency. They are not satisfied with assurances such as

“During these meetings, all the issues on the daily agenda were reviewed and appropriate decisions were taken on all items.” 

They demand specific answers.

The same announcement includes the following pleasantries:

“At the conclusion of its meetings, the Holy and Sacred Synod denounced the recently published articles regarding the issue that arose at the Archdiocese of America and those against the person of His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios Geron of America, whom the members of the Holy Synod surround with brotherly love and esteem.”

In other words, there is no “issue.” Everything is hunky-dory at the Archdiocese, which is why the “recently published articles” against the Archbishop were denounced.

But we are not talking about “commentary” here. This has to do with information that cannot be denied via condemnations, but through evidence. The published information includes specific evidence that describes the state of affairs in the Archdiocese regarding its default, the wasting of millions of dollars, restitution in the millions for sexual harassment against women and children by priests, misappropriations, illegalities, resignations by officials, and firings of personnel. Chaos.

The Holy Synod is overlooking all this. It is feigning ignorance. And it is shamelessly covering up for the Archbishop “with brotherly love and esteem.”

Holy Fathers, are you fooling us?


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