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IN our Letters to the Editor section, a reader accuses us of having gone silent regarding everything taking place around us. She writes that we haven’t covered the scandals involving President Trump’s aides, White House officers, government officials, and top members of his campaign team; as well as firings, resignations, and everything else involving the political situation in the nation.

No, we haven’t gone silent. It’s impossible for a magazine like Estiator to cover and address all the breaking political developments. “News” gets stale from month to month. Moreover, as a trade magazine, we are non-partisan, and do not possess political motives and preferences.

In spite of President Trump’s grave errors and everything he says on a daily basis, creating more enemies and greater problems for himself, the nation, his party, and our allies, we mustn’t forget that he was elected president by the people.

As we had noted right after the presidential election —when other readers were accusing us of being oppositional towards him— we all needed to give him time and the opportunity to implement his platform. We wrote this without being admirers of the president, but without being enemies either.

We believe that everyone in and out of Congress calling for Mr. Trump’s impeachment or resignation from the presidency while four investigations are ongoing in the House, Senate, and by the special prosecutor are wrong to do so. The investigations are looking into the degree to which the president’s aides or he himself participated in the Kremlin’s proven attempt to influence the election to his advantage. The House, Senate, all 17 intelligence agencies, the FBI, and the CIA all agree that Russian involvement was present. The president still categorically denies that.

Now, why Mr. Trump didn’t utter the slightest word against Mr. Putin, when both Democrats and Republicans, diplomats, spiritual leaders, academicians, authors, columnists, and the media are all calling the Russian leader a “murderer,” “corrupt,” a “czar,” and a “dictator” is another story. Special prosecutor Mueller’s findings will provide the answer to this.

We would also like to take this opportunity to note that our magazine never sought to influence its readers for one side or the other. Our pages remain open to all our readers’ viewpoints.


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