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Greek Imports Council

For the first time in its history, the summer Fancy Food Show “celebrates” Greek products this month. This is a very important event. Many more visitors, restaurateurs, importers, and food and wine importers and distributors will become better informed of Greek exports. It is also an important event, because Greece is in great need of boosting its exports to the world’s largest market—something that it has up until now overlooked. 

Estiator, continuing its campaign in support of these imports, welcomes the exhibitors with this special issue inaugurating an annual edition on imports from Greece.

As we have repeatedly pointed out, the interest that Greek producers and industrialists have been showing in the U.S. market lately is not unrelated to the spread of the Mediterranean diet, which has boded favorably for the opening of hundreds of restaurants serving Greek cuisine and countless small gyros fast-food units across America. At the same time, more and more labels featuring the title “Greek” are appearing on the shelves of supermarkets.

Since this magazine has been advising Greek-American restaurateurs to choose top-quality imported foods from Greece, we’re driven to the idea of proposing the creation of a Greek Imports Council, comprised of producers, importers and distributers of Greek products in the United States, in collaboration with the Panhellenic Exporters Association and their respective counterparts in Greece.

This proposed not-for-profit organization would study methods to secure further market penetration through various initiatives promoting as well the culinary culture of Greece.

This is the seed of an idea that may sound difficult, if not utopian. However, many such ideas are often realized.


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