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Goodi’s at 9645 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL is considered to be one of the finest fast food restaurants in the Chicago are. This restaurant enjoyed for many year a fine reputation and many restaurateurs stopped by to admire the operation. Tom Kalabogias and his family run the place with distinction for many years. In 2012, Kostas Mellos became the new owner after Tom decided to retire. Just for the record, Realpoul Realty represented both buyer and seller. Kostas, immediately understood what he needed to do to take the place to the next level; and he did. After remodeling the place, improving the menus and lighting, Goodi’s really took off! Business increased tremendously, customer satisfaction reached high levels and he now enjoys the fruits of his hard labor. Let’s also mention that this place has a beautiful patio and it is strategically located in the center of 5 surrounding villages / towns. In the picture we see Kostas Mellos, his wife Mira, daughter Melissa-Agapi and, in the background, manager Indira.


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