A Harmonious Universe called Greekafe

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KOSMOS GREEKAFE (2136 N College Ave, Fayetteville, Arkansas; 479-521-7482) is a spot that serves the familiar Greek fare. By familiar Greek fare, we mean hummus, which isn’t Greek at all, as well as authentic dishes like souvlaki and gyro in platters. Besides the dishes, there are salads of all shapes and desserts to accompany the food. It is a fast-casual Greek/Mediterranean concept that was established in 2005. Dishes here have names like the Titan and the Athenian.

Kosmos décor couldn’t be more classic or more Greek! The color scheme is blue and white, and the upper floor features the Greek deities. The eatery is tucked away in a wooded area and is surrounded by trees.

The ownership’s definition of Kosmos Greekafe is: KOS•MOS noun People. Everything that exists anywhere. An orderly, harmonious, systematic universe. Gyros!

Michael Theodore is the owner of Greekafe, whose lifespan has been more than ten years. Michael is no stranger to the food business since his father, Andrew Theodore (they changed it from Drakopoulos), owns the Grecian Steakhouse in Blythville. Greekafe itself was opened by Michael’s father-in-law, Andrew Michalopoulos.


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